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  • How do I apply 12:12 hair butters?
    For optimal hair growth place a small amount on your index finger and glide it onto your scalp. Once applied massage your scalp for 5 minutes to increase blood flow to target growth areas. For splitting and dry ends apply a small amount on your ends, work into your hair. No rinsing needed.
  • Can I apply scalp butters to my face?
    Yes you can! No worries your body knows what to do with hair.
  • How long does it take 12:12 to grow my hair?
    Results vary. Most see results within 2 months of consistent use.
  • Do 12:12 scalp butters help with Alopecia?
    Yes! However, results vary. Some customers see more results than others by alternating between their favorite hair oils and 12:12 for 6 months. Others have reported growth in problem areas after consistent use of 12:12 for 3-6 months without alternating. Each person is different but reported results have been consistent.
  • Are 12:12 hair butters good for all hair textures?
    Yes! Those of European descent may need less than those of African descent but yes it is good for all hair types.
  • I have a Candida or Malassezia scalp condition, is it safe for me to use 12:12 hair butters?
    Because of how well 12:12 hair butters break down the answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! If you have these conditions 12:12 hair butters will make them worse! 12:12 hair butters are made with all organic ingredients and our formulas are created for maximum absorption in the scalp and hair, because of this 12:12 hair butters will act as a food for these conditions which will ultimately increase the infection. Please don't risk it! Wait until you heal and develop a plan with your dermatologist for the right time to continue use or give our scalp butters a try. As much as we love being your hairs favorite food we'd hate to be your conditions favorite food too.
  • If I stop using 12:12 products will I lose the hair I've gained?
    No. Should you decide you've found a product that works better you can rest assured that your hair will not break off once you stop using our products. Our products are 100% organic there is no need to wean off or worry. We wish you the absolute best on your hair journey!
  • Are there perfumes in 12:12 hair products?
    No. We believe in preserving the integrity of our products therefore we do not add perfumes or fragrances to our hair products.
  • Is it safe to use 1212 hair products on children?
    Yes! 1.5% strength level ages 2 and up 3% strength level ages 5 and up 4.5% strength level ages 12 and up
  • Is it safe to mix other essential oils into 12:12 hair products?
    We recommend alternating between our products and other essential oils. Depending on the strength level of the product you purchased you may be able to add in your favorite essential oils. Keep in mind it is best to keep your dilution rate below 5%.
  • Why are there little shea chunks in my butter?
    Thanks for asking! I watch over my brand like I watch over my children. In order to be certain that the integrity of my products are not compromised and there aren't any corners cut I make every 12:12 product myself. All of my butters are hand blended and sometimes there are little lumps that escape the blender. No worries! Just rub it right in, it'll melt and absorb like it wasn't even there! I know the process of melting and blending will keep the little Shea lumps from happening, but there are a lot of amazing lovely people who order from 12:12 and I would absolutely hate to delay the arrival of your products! There simply isn't time to melt and blend with the many products and daily order fulfillments. Thank you so much for keeping me busy and trusting in what I do! Don't ever stop being awesome! -Tameka Little
  • What's with the price increase?
    Matt12:12 only uses organic ingredients in our products. We believe strongly in the health and environmental benefits of using organic ingredients, and are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products, when our suppliers raise their prices (due to inflation) in order to continue delivering great long lasting products we too have to increase our price. Thank you for sticking it out with us!
  • What is an FAQ section?
    An FAQ section can be used to quickly answer common questions about you or your business, such as “Where do you ship to?”, “What are your opening hours?” or “How can I book a service?” It’s a great way to help people navigate your site and can even boost your site’s SEO.
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