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                12:12 COSMETICS

At 12:12, we hold a firm belief that true beauty goes beyond the surface. Our unwavering commitment lies in offering the finest selection of organic and natural ingredients to empower individuals in attaining their utmost potential. With products carefully tailored for all hair and skin types, our formulas are thoughtfully designed to address various concerns, including split ends, moisture retention, hair growth, and restoring skin to its natural state of health.

We place great importance on understanding the unique needs of our valued customers, and our mission is to ensure they experience nothing short of excellence when using our products. It is a privilege to have been chosen by you to be a part of your journey toward achieving your beauty goals. Together, let's embrace the beauty that emanates from within and shines brightly to the world.


At 12:12, we are deeply committed to providing products of the highest quality, crafted from organic materials, and offered to you at a fair price. Nonetheless, it is essential to clarify that we cannot guarantee specific or intended outcomes for any product, and we assume no responsibility for any adverse reactions that may arise. Your well-being is entirely your responsibility, and it is crucial to research any potential risks associated with the use of our products.

We have conducted limited studies on all 12:12 products, yielding reputable results, which include feedback from our valued customers. However, we cannot assure you that you will experience the same or similar outcomes. While our products employ FDA-approved ingredients to create organic cosmetics for your enjoyment, it is important to note that they are not FDA-approved.

By choosing to use or purchase any of our 12:12 products from any outlet, you willingly accept full responsibility for your health and agree to waive any rights to pursue legal or litigated actions against Matt12:12, its DBAs, or registered entities. Moreover, you acknowledge that you have had the opportunity to read and comprehend the disclaimer provided here on prior to using or purchasing any Matt12:12 products or engaging with any of its entities.

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